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Time for the Spotlight

Time for the Spotlight

Looking back to move forward. (first in multi-part series)




Chip, Matt and Gary at The Evelyn Hotel in 2017, hatching plans.


What do you think of our new Green Ink web site?! Check out our new sister agency, Conversion Marketing! These sites were developed in collaboration with Creative Click with creative support from Patrick Gruss and Jonas Sanchez.


Time is too big a concept to explore properly in a single blog post, but it does seem to be a common theme in my professional life. On-time production for large enterprises necessitates adherence to calendars and an appreciation for time zones. Not always easy for a ‘creative type’. And yet, we seem to be good at it. We deliver. That must mean we love what we do an awful lot. I think that applies to everyone with whom Green Ink does business. There’s a passion; a commitment – to quality, sure, but most of all, to not wasting people’s time. Let’s tell our stories expeditiously, artistically, in as entertaining a way as possible without inhibiting messaging.

Upon Green Ink’s 25th anniversary this past October, I thanked the extended family – from our clients to our partners to our suppliers… anyone who has worked with us knows we are the sum of many parts combining for a unique experience.   In this multi-entry thread, I’d like to recognize those who I would consider to be our ‘core team’.

Gary Schaefer has been a valued Partner, taking a place by my side at the helm of a ship continually being built as we travel, venturing forth into realms neither of us could have imagined. We are bound by a common commitment to pleasing our clients. Gary is a master at not wasting time and keeps us on a steady course in so many ways.   Gary and his wife, Rhonda Spaziani, have created a beautiful extension of the Green Ink brand, Green Ink Radio. Check out the podcasts that can help you to lead your ‘best’ life.

Matt Berry has officially joined Green Ink as a Partner, and we’re excited to have him on our team after so many years of collaboration as a key IBM client. Based on our history with Matt, we are confident that he will help us to chart new, productive paths. We’ve already built our first new vessel together: Conversion Marketing, Green Ink’s revolutionary new sister agency. Matt was instrumental in helping to shape Green Ink from the client side, and has already contributed to the solidification of our extended enterprise, Green Ink Global.   Check out one of our first shared initiatives, Harvest Bagel, a family owned, first-of-its-kind healthy bagel shop ready for growth!

We’ve hit the ground running already.  Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

(to be continued).


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