GIG Newsletter 11/19/2018 - Green Ink Marketing
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GIG Newsletter 11/19/2018

Green Ink is proud to bring you the extensive capabilities of a growing team – able to serve you and your video production needs, wherever and whenever you have them. Globally. Seriously. Anywhere. With knowledge and experience in storytelling – ready to rock!

No one covers the New York to Boston corridor better than Green Ink. But did you know we have Associated Partners in New Jersey (Matt Berry), North Carolina (Thurston Smith) and Miami Beach (me!)?

In India, Dyna D’Souza and team are all systems go, pursuing opportunity on Green Ink’s behalf locally in Bangalore and throughout Southeast Asia. Here’s a video we created together with IBM a few short years ago…YES Bank & IBM.

Sean Gardiner is based in Pretoria, South Africa. He specializes in helping agencies and corporate clients traverse the challenging trails of capturing footage and telling the compelling stories of Africa. And as Sean will tell you, he’s fluent in ‘corpratese’.


Check out Green Ink Global’s latest overview presentation to see where Sean and our Associated Partners fit in our unique business model.


Are you interested in attending Art Basel in Miami this year? Dec. 6-9. This multi-city event attracts artists and collectors from around the world.

Let us know if you’d like to attend and we’ll help with logistics. Concierge services always gratis for Green Ink family members! And we have special access to a fantastic art fair – Superfine – which brings affordable art to those who collect with limited funds. Or perhaps you might consider participating in educational seminars with industry experts? How and when might you introduce more cutting edge artists to your company’s MarComms? What are the considerations for celebrating cultural identity?


Green Ink has been proud to be contributing to so many IBM and other programs. Here are a couple links we’re keen to showcase:

  • IBM Connect360
    • With thanks to the New London Homeless Hospitality Centerfor helping us to ‘keep it real’


We’ve been helping our sister agency, Conversion Marketing, to serve CenturyLink as they deliver innovative new communications programs, bringing industry leaders together for a new content delivery platform. We’re thrilled that the Conversion story is being recognized recently by PRWeek.

Green Ink Global is nothing without YOU. We have the infrastructure and a proven ability to scale. What’s your biggest MarComms challenge?

Please call 860-460-6765. Let’s find a new way to deliver your valuable content. Let us help tell your beautiful stories a bit differently.

Thank you for your consideration!


Chip Green, Gary Schaefer, Matt Berry and your Global Green Ink Team

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