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WebCasting and Interactive

 Green Ink has been helping clients to develop original, interactive delivery mechanisms for a wide range of ground breaking applications for over 25 years. Each application is a new opportunity to push the boundaries of choice-driven media.


Webcasting is the broadcasting of compressed full motion video over the internet. ‘Live streaming’ sends information in real time to the web without having to store it first on a physical drive or hard disc. Content is digitized, compressed and then sent to a content delivery network, which then distributes the media to the internet for all (or just your select audience) to see.


Webcasting and live streaming are a natural extension of video marketing, and can make video interactive. Are you looking to market your brand, share an event, provide an educational opportunity or create a community among your audience? We can help make it happen.


And that’s just the mainstream. When combined with ZOOM or other online collaborative environments, team members in multiple cities can join in the fun of the main tent. Your event can ‘toss’ to remote locations, utilizing your host or ours. Whether you require a simple one-camera setup or multiple feeds with a ‘live switch’, Green Ink has got you covered.

Our High Quality Webcasting Services

  • Conferences
  • Meetings
  • E-learning
  • Festivals
  • Trade shows
  • Musical performances
  • Live theater

webcasting broadcasts

Whether you call it ‘interactive’, ‘interface design’ or ‘iX’, we’ll know what you’re talking about. Green Ink has been helping to develop and deliver interactive, multimedia programs for over 25 years, pioneering development of innovative applications for sports marketing and other novel business uses.


Bring that info-graphic to life with inviting links. Take your video viewer on a customizable journey with interactive video. Use 360 degree interactive technology to bring your audience into your unique environment, virtually. No two interactives are alike. Shouldn’t you be working with a team that will do what it takes to understand your end-user and the journey they might want to have?


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